Fatherhood Matters Inc.

We are a non-profit organization that strives to change families one father at a time.  We proudly serve families in various communities throughout the United States by addressing the pressing issues that have crippled many homes today - fatherhood.

Making a Difference

Dedicated and determined to make a difference in the lives of children by educating fathers, we provide individual and family counseling, legal services, and paternity testing for those with affiliation concerns.

An Active Father

We understand that having an active father in a child's life makes a world of difference.  Fatherhood Matters educates through seminars, lectures, and other teaching vehicles.  It is our desire to utilize our resources to enrich a father's life, motivate his spirit and stimulate his mind.

Irreplaceable Fathers

Fathers are simply irreplaceable contributors.  Statistics show father absence is strongly connected to abuse, poverty, behavioral problems, teen pregnancy, incarceration, and many other issues.  It is our goal to help engage and educate men to be better caretakers of their children.
How we help

One Father at a Time

We strive to improve the well-being of families by serving fathers who CARE (Committed Aware Responsible Educated) to strengthen and further develop their relationship with their children.  It is our goal to support this growth by providing the following services: Education Workshops | Personal Consultations  | Community Activities  | Social Networking  | Life-changing Seminars  | Affiliation Concerns  | Legal Services.

Clients we serve

We look forward to hosting a Fatherhood Matters event in your local community.  We cater to Colleges & Universities | Civic Establishments | Criminal Institutions | Trade Organizations | Religious Organizations | Military Bases | Hospitals | Youth Detentions.


Fatherhood: a message to men

An inspiring paternal tool for men to become great fathers!

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